If you need to appoint a statutory Clinical Advisor, our experienced team can help.

We partner with your organisation and become a temporary extension of your team. With enhanced skills, knowledge and capability, your service can address compliance issues and succeed into the future.


We start with two concurrent elements;

  1. An investigative approach to discover what has gone wrong and why; and
  2. Mitigating the immediate risks to your consumers.


A tailored remediation plan will be developed to remediate issues and enhance service capabilities.

However, we are not the face of the remediation, you are. Our focus is to support and coach your team to have the capability and confidence to address future issues on your own.

We will be with you every step of the way providing the coaching, support and education needed to drive improvements.

A remediation program is challenging but the outcome can be empowering and long lasting. At the end of the program improvements will be evident in areas such as:

  • Alignment with the Standards
  • Systems and Guidelines
  • Governance on the ground
  • Staff knowledge, skills and practice
  • Consumer engagement
  • Workflow effectiveness
  • Communication practices

Future State 

This program will equip your team with the confidence, knowledge and critical thinking skills to enhance the experience of your consumers and sustain operations into the future.

Reach Out

Based across Australia and New Zealand – we can reach you where you are. To discuss your organisation’s situation and requirements, call us today.