Performance Improvement

Business Diagnostics & Benchmarking

We can do more than just identify issues facing your organisation; we can help you address them through:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic reviews of services
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Corporates services assessments
  • Culture assessments

Accreditation Standards Assurance Program

The constantly evolving regulatory framework governing aged care creates a challenging environment for providers to achieve full compliances over time.

Ansell Strategic have developed an Accreditation Standards Assurance Program designed to equip providers with the skills, resources and knowledge to reach and maintain compliances against all Accreditation Standards.

This program entails a short term to long term customised review and support of your facility’s systems and processes under each of the Accreditation Standards.

As an extension to this program, we are also offering the New Quality Standards Transition Support Program.

Performance Enhancement Program (PEP)

Ansell Strategic provides ongoing and ad hoc support to help our client to maximise their revenues, manage their costs and comply with legislation and care mandates.

Utilising our extensive operational, clinical and financial expertise, we help our clients build internal capacity through:

  • Revenue / ACFI Maximisation
  • Accommodation Payment / Admission Strategies
  • Roster Efficiency and Human Resource Restructuring
  • Cost Management Strategies
  • Internal Audit Programs

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Putting the pieces of the performance puzzle together

Asset Management
Hotel Services
Leisure, Lifestyle & Therapy
Care Services

Strategic/business planning

Expansion review

Capacity building

Vision & mission messaging

Culture reviews

Board education/facilitation

Board educ

Benchmarking & performance optimization

Occupancy & RAD/DAP maximisation

ACFI & maximisation

Supplement enhancement

Expenditure management

Expansion/development planning

Refurbishment strategy

Capital forecasting

Repair and maintenance budgeting

Maintenance program development

Service efficiency & quality assessments

Catering service modelling

Laundry service system development

Contract assessment

Activity program review & development

Service delivery and efficiency assessment

Clinical governance compliance reviews

Documentation audits

Clinical system implementation

ACFI system maximization

Roster maximization

Governance review

Risk identification

Policy formation assistance

Continuous improvement system development

Regulatory training

Branding and messaging

Competitor analysis

Market positioning

Media positioning

Promoting vision & expertise

Admission strategies

Accommodation Payment Maximization

Wait list management

Facility tour program

Rostering reviews

Staffing & allocation efficiencies

Recruitment/retention strategies

Senior staff education

Performance management

Expansion/redevelopment planning

Human resource management strategies

Senior staff performance evaluation

Professional development career planning

Performance Improvement
Regulatory Compliance
Resident Admissions
Human Resources
Facility Management