A point-in-time assessment of your service or organisation as a whole.

Honest and accurate reviews to answer the most critical questions in your organisation.

  • How are we performing against our vision, our potential and our peers?
  • What are our operational strengths and weaknesses?
  • What, if any, are our clinical/compliance exposures?
  • What are our consumers saying?
  • How well are we responding to feedback?
  • Does our physical infrastructure support the delivery of our vision or impede it?
  • Does our organisational structure support our service delivery?
  • Do we have an effective governance framework?
  • Should we grow, consolidate or rationalise?

Comprehensive and holistic appraisals with future focussed recommendations.

Your organisation can be confident in our team’s full complement of operational, clinical, financial and property expertise.

An approach to suit your organisational needs will be established which will typically comprise both on site and off site components including:

  • Analysis of competitor and demographic factors surrounding the site/service;
  • Evaluation of documentation and practices relating to operational and/or financial performance;
  • Evaluation of site/service asset condition, marketability and consistency;
  • Consultation with key stakeholders, including consumers, employees, management and Directors; and
  • Identifcation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Unparalleled experience in the industry, working with you.

Change is the norm in the aged care and retirement living industry. Organisations need to have certainty about their starting point when embarking on strategic initiatives.

Our organisational reviews are designed to provide independent, objective feedback about your organisational performance and potential. They provide the foundation for organisational strategy and are more comprehensive reviews than any other consultancy firm in Australasia’s aged care and retirement living industry.

Our clients choose us because we’re dedicated entirely to this industry. We provide tailored, holistic appraisals to meet specific needs. Working with you, we help answer your organisations’ questions and offer achievable recommendations for the future.

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