New Quality Standards Transition Support Program

Making the Transition to the New Quality Standards


The next year will mark a major milestone in the ongoing improvement of care services for older people. For providers, this will be a busy time as each organisation transitions to the new draft Aged Care Quality Standards (the Quality Standards).

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency has encouraged providers to use the transition period to:

  • Align their systems, policies and practices with the new Quality Standards;
  • Support staff to understand the requirements of the new Quality Standards; and
  • Support care recipients, their families, carers and representatives to understand what the changes mean for them.

The new Quality Standards are framed from the perspective of the consumer (person centred) and their experience of the care and services provided. They seek to create an environment of inclusion and wider consultation with residents, families, staff and other stakeholders.

Despite this, there remains a lack of clarity within the aged care sector about what person centred care is and how it can be operationalised to meet the requirements of the new draft Quality Standards.

A key element of the new framework is the Organisational Governance standard (Standard 8) which focuses on the measures the organisation employs to ensure resident safety, quality of care services and resident satisfaction.

Within Standard 8 there are a number of new requirements. The majority of these involve the ability to demonstrate that the organisation possesses a governance framework that recognises the organisation’s purpose, its legislative, policy and ethical obligations, as well as its workforce and employment responsibilities. The framework should provide a structure to ensure the provider achieves its business and legislative obligations to meet community expectations of probity, accountability and transparency and ensure that expected standards of safety and quality are met.

Whilst the new Quality Standards are planned to take effect in July 2019, it is imperative that providers start adopting the new standards early to enable a smooth transition process and ensure full compliance by July 2019.

Our Approach

In this program, our team of Registered Nurses and industry specialists at Ansell Strategic will work with your organisation to develop an Organisational Governance structure that is underpinned by consumer choice and involvement.

Ansell Strategic will support your organisation throughout the transition process across all eight of the new Quality Standards by equipping your staff with the necessary skills to meet the new requirements. Where requested, we are also able to provide ongoing assistance with your organisation’s Model of Care policy development and implementation to ensure the consumer is maintained at the centre of everyday operations.

Our approach will be consultative, with key project milestones and deliverables developed in close collaboration with you and tailored around your specific goals and desired outcomes.

Broadly, Ansell Strategic proposes to:

  • Consult with your key personnel to define project scope and desired outcomes
  • Develop a Transition Plan document, comprising best practice guidelines
  • Undertake an assessment of existing policies and procedures
  • Co-develop training and education material with your key personnel
  • Implement the new policies and procedures
  • Support improvement of staff practices to ensure sustainability of the new policies and procedures
  • Upon completion, provide an evaluation of the implementation process and ongoing support as required


An illustration of our Transition Support Program has been provided below. Ansell Strategic is able to adapt this program in order to assist your organisation with all or any of the new Quality Standards, upon your request.

Figure 1: Proposed Transition Support Program Process



To download our New Quality Standards Transition Program brochure, please go here.

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