Assisting our clients to sell or acquire aged care and retirement living services.

Managing acquisitions and divestments in aged care and retirement living are far more complicated than almost any other industry. We work with your organisation to undertake a professional, effective and efficient process. We help through:

Buy Side

  • Information Memorandum evaluation;
  • Non-Binding Indicative Offer Development;
  • Due Diligence (operational and financial);
  • Critical evaluation of opportunity against organisation-specific criteria;
  • Recommended pricing and offers; and
  • Transition management.

Seller Side

  • Information Memorandum compilation;
  • Connection to large industry network for potential buyers;
  • Evaluation of Non-Binding Indicative Offers;
  • Management of Due Diligence process (operational and financial);
  • Critical evaluation of final offers against organisation-specific criteria; and
  • Communication management.

Experience and understanding.

We understand managing acquisitions and divestments in this area involves more than just businesses – it affects people.

Our tested approach has been proven to assist our clients to efficiently complete a merger or acquisition with significantly reduced resident and stakeholder disruption and fear.

Qualified property specialists dedicated purely to this industry.

Having facilitated the sale and acquisition of more than 100 services across Australia, Ansell Strategic is a qualified Real Estate Agency enabling us to broker businesses and property in aged care transactions. Coupled with our specialisation in the industry, we can assist you in managing the process with confidentiality, professionalism and respect.

We recognise the importance of the transition phase in order to minimise impact on residents and/or clients throughout a transaction. Our team of clinical specialists are committed to assisting your organisation to successfully transition operations at a newly acquired facility or portfolio to minimise risk, disruption and slips in quality.

Comprehensive, professional and effective management.

We want your organisation to succeed. It’s our priority to establish your criteria for the divestment or acquisition and keep this as the forefront of managing the process.

Our diverse team includes operational, financial and property professionals and we use our expertise to truly understand the vendor and buyer motivations. We assess clinical and financial elements of the existing business, and comprehensively understand the future potential and inherent risks in the business.

We know that the process does not cease with the change of ownership. You can feel confident in our service recognising the importance of the transition phase to add value.

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