Assisting organisations with undertaking in-depth reviews of governance frameworks from the Board to the service-specific level.

Organisations need a robust governance framework that provides direction and supports control. We can assist you to achieve this through:

  • Desktop analysis of key governance documentation, including a cross-sectional review of clinical, risk, financial and human resources governance policies;
  • Consultation with consumers, facility staff, head office and the Board; and
  • Identification of gaps and recommendations to streamline governance policies, systems and processes.

An all-encompassing approach.

We look at key areas of governance, including:

  • Organisational Purpose and Strategy;
  • Staff Roles and Responsibilities;
  • Accountability and Stakeholder Engagement;
  • Performance; and
  • Risk Management, Conduct and Compliance.

The Ansell Strategic difference.

We apply a holistic approach to governance reviews that leverages our experts in the clinical, financial, accounting and property fields. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges, visions for the future and to identify gaps in governance frameworks. Our advice is bespoke and scalable across all levels of the organisation.

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