Royal Commission Into Aged Care Quality and Safety

Royal Commission Into Aged Care Quality and Safety

Ansell Strategic Response to the Counsel Assisting Recommendations

The Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, has recommended a complete restructure of the aged care system which puts older Australians at the centre of its function. The proposals are bold, ambitious and exactly what the sector needs.

The recommendations uncover what is fundamentally wrong with the broken system and are focused on delivering a vision on positive ageing.

With the spotlight on aged care during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Royal Commission has generated more momentum than the Morrison Government would have ever anticipated. As a result, the final report has received an overwhelming amount of support, leaving the Prime Minister to face the outcome prior to the release of the 2021 Federal Budget.

Our response to Counsel Assisting’s submission highlights structural and funding considerations that must be addressed in order to ensure the final recommendations are achievable and affordable without compromising the invaluable reform initiatives proposed.