Home Care Guide and Research Report

Home Care Guide and Research Report

The Australian aged care and retirement living sectors are currently undergoing substantial change as a result of an ageing population and evolving consumer preferences. Accelerating this change are legislative reforms in the provision of home care services that pave the way for greater consumer choice and improved efficiency. The retirement living sector is well placed to capitalise on these changes through the delivery of home care services in their villages.

Whilst action is being taken by the Government to address care needs of the ageing population, less action has been taken to address the accommodation needs of older Australians. Traditional Australian homes are usually not built to facilitate ageing in place, or require significant modification. In contrast, retirement villages are purpose-built homes for older Australians.

As these sectors begin to evolve and new models of care and accommodation emerge, retirement village operators must look at the relevance of their current business models. The services and facilities currently offered at retirement villages are being challenged by new residential estates and apartment developments and the ability to age in place at home is being encouraged by Government policy.

From February 2017, relaxation in home care supply will enable consumers more choice in their providers of care and where they receive care. Retirement villages represent a highly effective and efficient environment in which to deliver at home care, and a growing number of operators are expanding their service offering to residents.

In light of this, Ansell Strategic worked together with the Retirement Living Council (a division of the Property Council of Australia) to produce this useful reference guide for the retirement living sector.  Developed in consultation with retirement village operators and home care providers, this guide identifies home care delivery options in villages, as well as outlining the associated benefits and challenges operators may face.

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